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addr_resolv.h File Reference

IP address resolution. More...

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Data Structures

struct  pj_hostent
struct  pj_addrinfo


#define h_addr   h_addr_list[0]


pj_status_t pj_gethostbyname (const pj_str_t *name, pj_hostent *he)
pj_status_t pj_gethostip (int af, pj_sockaddr *addr)
pj_status_t pj_getipinterface (int af, const pj_str_t *dst, pj_sockaddr *itf_addr, pj_bool_t allow_resolve, pj_sockaddr *p_dst_addr)
pj_status_t pj_getdefaultipinterface (int af, pj_sockaddr *addr)
pj_status_t pj_getaddrinfo (int af, const pj_str_t *name, unsigned *count, pj_addrinfo ai[])

Detailed Description

IP address resolution.


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