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ctype.h File Reference

C type helper macros. More...

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#define pj_hex_digits   "0123456789abcdef"


int pj_isalnum (unsigned char c)
int pj_isalpha (unsigned char c)
int pj_isascii (unsigned char c)
int pj_isdigit (unsigned char c)
int pj_isspace (unsigned char c)
int pj_islower (unsigned char c)
int pj_isupper (unsigned char c)
int pj_isblank (unsigned char c)
int pj_tolower (unsigned char c)
int pj_toupper (unsigned char c)
int pj_isxdigit (unsigned char c)
void pj_val_to_hex_digit (unsigned value, char *p)
unsigned pj_hex_digit_to_val (unsigned char c)

Detailed Description

C type helper macros.


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