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math.h File Reference

Mathematics and Statistics. More...

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Data Structures

struct  pj_math_stat


#define PJ_PI   3.14159265358979323846 /* pi */
#define PJ_1_PI   0.318309886183790671538 /* 1/pi */
#define PJ_ABS(x)   ((x) > 0 ? (x) : -(x))
#define PJ_MAX(x, y)   ((x) > (y)? (x) : (y))
#define PJ_MIN(x, y)   ((x) < (y)? (x) : (y))


unsigned pj_isqrt (unsigned i)
void pj_math_stat_init (pj_math_stat *stat)
void pj_math_stat_update (pj_math_stat *stat, int val)
unsigned pj_math_stat_get_stddev (const pj_math_stat *stat)
void pj_math_stat_set_stddev (pj_math_stat *stat, unsigned dev)

Detailed Description

Mathematics and Statistics.


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