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dns_server.h File Reference

Simple DNS server. More...

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typedef struct pj_dns_server pj_dns_server


pj_status_t pj_dns_server_create (pj_pool_factory *pf, pj_ioqueue_t *ioqueue, int af, unsigned port, unsigned flags, pj_dns_server **p_srv)
pj_status_t pj_dns_server_destroy (pj_dns_server *srv)
pj_status_t pj_dns_server_add_rec (pj_dns_server *srv, unsigned count, const pj_dns_parsed_rr rr[])
pj_status_t pj_dns_server_del_rec (pj_dns_server *srv, int dns_class, pj_dns_type type, const pj_str_t *name)

Detailed Description

Simple DNS server.


PJLIB-UTIL Open Source, small footprint, and portable asynchronous/caching DNS resolver, text scanner, STUN client, and XML library
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Teluu Inc.