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pj_http_req_param::pj_http_reqdata Struct Reference

Data Fields

void * data
pj_size_t size
pj_size_t total_size

Detailed Description

This structure describes the http request body. If application specifies the data to send, the data must remain valid until the HTTP request is sent. Alternatively, application can choose to specify total_size as the total data size to send instead while leaving the data NULL (and its size 0). In this case, HTTP request will then call on_send_data() callback once it is ready to send the request body. This will be useful if application does not wish to load the data into the buffer at once.

Default is empty.

Field Documentation

◆ data

void* pj_http_req_param::pj_http_reqdata::data

Request body data

◆ size

pj_size_t pj_http_req_param::pj_http_reqdata::size

Request body size

◆ total_size

pj_size_t pj_http_req_param::pj_http_reqdata::total_size

If total_size > 0, data will be provided later

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