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Data Fields
pj_scanner Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * begin
char * end
char * curptr
int line
char * start_line
int skip_ws
pj_syn_err_func_ptr callback

Detailed Description

The text scanner structure.

Field Documentation

char* pj_scanner::begin

Start of input buffer.

pj_syn_err_func_ptr pj_scanner::callback

Syntax error callback.

char* pj_scanner::curptr

Current pointer.

char* pj_scanner::end

End of input buffer.

int pj_scanner::line

Current line.

int pj_scanner::skip_ws

Skip whitespace flag.

char* pj_scanner::start_line

Where current line starts.

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PJLIB-UTIL Open Source, small footprint, and portable asynchronous/caching DNS resolver, text scanner, STUN client, and XML library
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Teluu Inc.