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stun_sock.h File Reference

STUN aware socket transport. More...

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Data Structures

struct  pj_stun_sock_cb
struct  pj_stun_sock_info
struct  pj_stun_sock_cfg


typedef struct pj_stun_sock pj_stun_sock


enum  pj_stun_sock_op {


const char * pj_stun_sock_op_name (pj_stun_sock_op op)
void pj_stun_sock_cfg_default (pj_stun_sock_cfg *cfg)
pj_status_t pj_stun_sock_create (pj_stun_config *stun_cfg, const char *name, int af, const pj_stun_sock_cb *cb, const pj_stun_sock_cfg *cfg, void *user_data, pj_stun_sock **p_sock)
pj_status_t pj_stun_sock_start (pj_stun_sock *stun_sock, const pj_str_t *domain, pj_uint16_t default_port, pj_dns_resolver *resolver)
pj_status_t pj_stun_sock_destroy (pj_stun_sock *sock)
pj_status_t pj_stun_sock_set_user_data (pj_stun_sock *stun_sock, void *user_data)
void * pj_stun_sock_get_user_data (pj_stun_sock *stun_sock)
pj_grp_lock_tpj_stun_sock_get_grp_lock (pj_stun_sock *stun_sock)
pj_status_t pj_stun_sock_get_info (pj_stun_sock *stun_sock, pj_stun_sock_info *info)
pj_status_t pj_stun_sock_sendto (pj_stun_sock *stun_sock, pj_ioqueue_op_key_t *send_key, const void *pkt, unsigned pkt_len, unsigned flag, const pj_sockaddr_t *dst_addr, unsigned addr_len)


PJNATH - Open Source NAT traversal helper library supporting STUN, TURN, and ICE
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