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pj_ice_rx_check Struct Reference
[ICE Session]

Public Member Functions

 PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER (struct pj_ice_rx_check)

Data Fields

unsigned comp_id
unsigned transport_id
pj_sockaddr src_addr
unsigned src_addr_len
pj_bool_t use_candidate
pj_uint32_t priority

Detailed Description

This structure represents an incoming check (an incoming Binding request message), and is mainly used to keep early checks in the list in the ICE session. An early check is a request received from remote when we haven't received SDP answer yet, therefore we can't perform triggered check. For such cases, keep the incoming request in a list, and we'll do triggered checks (simultaneously) as soon as we receive answer.

Member Function Documentation

pj_ice_rx_check::PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER ( struct pj_ice_rx_check   ) 

Standard list

Field Documentation

Component ID.

PRIORITY value in the req.


Source address of request

Length of src address.

Transport ID.

USE-CANDIDATE is present?

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