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pj_turn_sock_cfg Struct Reference
[TURN client transport]

Data Fields

pj_qos_type qos_type
pj_qos_params qos_params
pj_bool_t qos_ignore_error

Detailed Description

This structure describes options that can be specified when creating the TURN socket. Application should call pj_turn_sock_cfg_default() to initialize this structure with its default values before using it.

Field Documentation

Specify if STUN socket should ignore any errors when setting the QoS traffic type/parameters.

Default: PJ_TRUE

Set the low level QoS parameters to the transport. This is a lower level operation than setting the qos_type field and may not be supported on all platforms.

By default all settings in this structure are not set.

QoS traffic type to be set on this transport. When application wants to apply QoS tagging to the transport, it's preferable to set this field rather than qos_param fields since this is more portable.

Default value is PJ_QOS_TYPE_BEST_EFFORT.

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