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Audio Manipulation Algorithms

Algorithms to manipulate audio frames. More...


 Circular Buffer
 Circular buffer manages read and write contiguous audio samples in a non-contiguous buffer as if the buffer were contiguous. This should give better performance than keeping contiguous samples in a contiguous buffer, since read/write operations will only update the pointers, instead of shifting audio samples.
 Format converter
 Audio and video converter utilities.
 Adaptive Delay Buffer
 Adaptive delay buffer with high-quality time-scale modification.
 Adaptive jitter buffer
 Adaptive de-jitter buffering implementation.
 Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
 Packet lost compensation algorithm.
 Resampling Algorithm
 Sample rate conversion algorithm.
 Adaptive Silence Detection
 Adaptive Silence Detector.
 Monochannel and multichannel audio frame converter
 Mono - multi-channels audio conversion.
 Waveform Similarity Based Overlap-Add (WSOLA)
 Time-scale modification to audio without affecting the pitch.

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