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pjsip Directory Reference


file  sip_auth_aka.h
 SIP Digest AKA Authorization Module.
file  sip_auth_parser.h
 SIP Authorization Parser Module.
file  sip_autoconf.h
 Describes operating system specifics (automatically detected by autoconf)
file  sip_config.h
 Compile time configuration.
file  sip_dialog.h
 SIP Dialog abstraction.
file  sip_endpoint.h
 SIP Endpoint.
file  sip_errno.h
 PJSIP Specific Error Code.
file  sip_event.h
 SIP Event.
file  sip_module.h
 Module helpers.
file  sip_msg.h
 SIP Message Structure.
file  sip_multipart.h
 Multipart support.
file  sip_parser.h
 SIP Message Parser.
file  sip_private.h
 Private structures and functions for PJSIP Library.
file  sip_resolve.h
 This module contains the mechanism to resolve server address as specified by RFC 3263 - Locating SIP Servers.
file  sip_tel_uri.h
 Tel: URI.
file  sip_transaction.h
 SIP Transaction.
file  sip_transport.h
 SIP Transport.
file  sip_transport_loop.h
 Loopback transport (for debugging)
file  sip_transport_tcp.h
 SIP TCP Transport.
file  sip_transport_tls.h
 SIP TLS Transport.
file  sip_transport_udp.h
 SIP UDP Transport.
file  sip_types.h
 Basic PJSIP types.
file  sip_ua_layer.h
 SIP User Agent Layer Module.
file  sip_uri.h
 SIP URL Structures and Manipulations.


PJSIP Open Source, high performance, small footprint, and very very portable SIP stack
Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Teluu Inc.