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User Agent Library

Mid-level User Agent Library. More...


 100rel/PRACK - Reliability of Provisional Responses
 PRACK - Reliability of Provisional Responses.
 INVITE Session
 Provides INVITE session management.
 Client Registration
 High Layer API for performing client registration.
 SIP Replaces support (RFC 3891 - "Replaces" Header)
 SIP Replaces support (RFC 3891 - "Replaces" Header)
 SIP Session Timers support (RFC 4028 - Session Timers in SIP)
 SIP Session Timers support (RFC 4028 - Session Timers in SIP)
 SIP REFER (RFC 3515) for Call Transfer etc.
 SIP REFER dialog usage (call transfer, etc.)

Detailed Description

This is the high level user agent library, which consists of:

More detailed information is explained in PJSIP Developer's Guide PDF document, and readers are encouraged to read the document to get the concept behind dialog, dialog usages, and INVITE sessions.

The User Agent Library is implemented in pjsip-ua static library.


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