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Compile time settings


#define PJSUA2_MAX_SDP_BUF_LEN   1024
#define DEPRECATED_FOR_TICKET_2232   1
#define PJSUA2_THROW(x)

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation



Specify if the Error exception info should contain operation and source file information.


#define PJSUA2_MAX_SDP_BUF_LEN   1024

Maximum buffer length to print SDP content for SdpSession. Set this to 0 if the printed SDP is not needed.


#define DEPRECATED_FOR_TICKET_2232   1

Ticket #2189 described some lists of objects which is not thread safe. The ticket deprecated some APIs which uses those lists and introduce new one to replace them. This settings will disable the deprecated API all together. See also


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