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pjsip_process_rdata_param Struct Reference

#include <sip_endpoint.h>

Data Fields

unsigned start_prio
void * start_mod
unsigned idx_after_start
pj_bool_t silent

Detailed Description

This describes additional parameters to pjsip_endpt_process_rx_data() function. Application MUST call pjsip_process_rdata_param_default() to initialize this structure.

Field Documentation

◆ start_prio

unsigned pjsip_process_rdata_param::start_prio

Specify the minimum priority number of the modules that are allowed to process the message. Default is zero to allow all modules to process the message.

◆ start_mod

void* pjsip_process_rdata_param::start_mod

Specify the pointer of the module where processing will start. The default is NULL, meaning processing will start from the start of the module list.

◆ idx_after_start

unsigned pjsip_process_rdata_param::idx_after_start

Set to N, then processing will start at Nth module after start module (where start module can be an explicit module as specified by start_mod or the start of module list when start_mod is NULL). For example, if set to 1, then processing will start from the next module after start module. Default is zero.

◆ silent

pj_bool_t pjsip_process_rdata_param::silent

Print nothing to log. Default is PJ_FALSE.

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