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#include <pjsua.h>

Data Fields

pjsua_dtmf_method method
unsigned timestamp
unsigned digit
unsigned duration
unsigned flags

Detailed Description

This will contain the information of the callback on_dtmf_event.

Field Documentation

◆ method

pjsua_dtmf_method pjsua_dtmf_event::method

The method used to send DTMF.

◆ timestamp

unsigned pjsua_dtmf_event::timestamp

The timestamp identifying the begin of the event. Timestamp units are expressed in milliseconds. Note that this value should only be used to compare multiple events received via the same method relatively to each other, as the time-base is randomized.

◆ digit

unsigned pjsua_dtmf_event::digit


◆ duration

unsigned pjsua_dtmf_event::duration

DTMF signal duration in milliseconds. Interpretation of the duration depends on the flag PJMEDIA_STREAM_DTMF_IS_END. If PJMEDIA_STREAM_DTMF_IS_END is set, this contains the total duration of the DTMF signal or PJSUA_UNKNOWN_DTMF_DURATION if the duration is unknown. If PJMEDIA_STREAM_DTMF_IS_END is not set, this contains the duration of the DTMF signal received up to this point in time. A duration of "0" indicates an infinitely long duration.

◆ flags

unsigned pjsua_dtmf_event::flags

Flags indicating additional information about the DTMF event. If PJMEDIA_STREAM_DTMF_IS_UPDATE is set, the event was already indicated earlier. The new indication contains an updated event duration. If PJMEDIA_STREAM_DTMF_IS_END is set, the event has ended and this indication contains the final event duration. Note that end indications might get lost. Hence it is not guaranteed to receive an event with PJMEDIA_STREAM_DTMF_IS_END for every event.

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