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pjsua_ip_change_acc_cfg Struct Reference

#include <pjsua.h>

Data Fields

pj_bool_t shutdown_tp
pj_bool_t hangup_calls
unsigned reinvite_flags

Detailed Description

This structure describe the account config specific to IP address change.

Field Documentation

◆ shutdown_tp

pj_bool_t pjsua_ip_change_acc_cfg::shutdown_tp

Shutdown the transport used for account registration. If this is set to PJ_TRUE, the transport will be shutdown altough it's used by multiple account. Shutdown transport will be followed by re-Registration if pjsua_acc_config.allow_contact_rewrite is enabled.

Default: PJ_TRUE

◆ hangup_calls

pj_bool_t pjsua_ip_change_acc_cfg::hangup_calls

Hangup active calls associated with the account. If this is set to PJ_TRUE, then the calls will be hang up.

Default: PJ_FALSE

◆ reinvite_flags

unsigned pjsua_ip_change_acc_cfg::reinvite_flags

Specify the call flags used in the re-INVITE when hangup_calls is set to PJ_FALSE. If this is set to 0, no re-INVITE will be sent. The re-INVITE will be sent after re-Registration is finished.


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