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pjlib-util Directory Reference


file  base64.h [code]
 Base64 encoding and decoding.
file  cli.h [code]
 Command Line Interface.
file  cli_console.h [code]
 Command Line Interface Console Front End API.
file  cli_imp.h [code]
 Command Line Interface Implementor's API.
file  cli_telnet.h [code]
 Command Line Interface Telnet Front End API.
file  crc32.h [code]
 CRC32 implementation.
file  dns.h [code]
 Low level DNS message parsing and packetization.
file  dns_server.h [code]
 Simple DNS server.
file  getopt.h [code]
 Compile time settings.
file  hmac_md5.h [code]
 HMAC MD5 Message Authentication.
file  hmac_sha1.h [code]
 HMAC SHA1 Message Authentication.
file  http_client.h [code]
 Simple HTTP Client.
file  json.h [code]
 PJLIB JSON Implementation.
file  md5.h [code]
 MD5 Functions.
file  pcap.h [code]
 Simple PCAP file reader.
file  resolver.h [code]
 Asynchronous DNS resolver.
file  scanner.h [code]
 Text Scanning.
file  sha1.h [code]
 SHA1 encryption implementation.
file  srv_resolver.h [code]
 DNS SRV resolver.
file  xml.h [code]
 PJLIB XML Parser/Helper.


PJLIB-UTIL Open Source, small footprint, and portable asynchronous/caching DNS resolver, text scanner, STUN client, and XML library
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Teluu Inc.