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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 activesock.hActive socket
 addr_resolv.hIP address resolution
 array.hPJLIB Array helper
 assert.hAssertion macro pj_assert()
 config.hPJLIB Main configuration settings
 ctype.hC type helper macros
 doxygen.hDoxygen's mainpage
 errno.hPJLIB Error Subsystem
 except.hException Handling in C
 file_access.hFile manipulation and access
 file_io.hSimple file I/O abstraction
 guid.hGUID Globally Unique Identifier
 hash.hHash Table
 ioqueue.hI/O Dispatching Mechanism
 ip_helper.hIP helper API
 limits.hCommon min and max values
 list.hLinked List data structure
 lock.hHigher abstraction for locking objects
 log.hLogging Utility
 math.hMathematics and Statistics
 os.hOS dependent functions
 pool.hMemory Pool
 rand.hRandom Number Generator
 rbtree.hRed/Black Tree
 sock.hSocket Abstraction
 sock_qos.hSocket QoS API
 sock_select.hSocket select()
 ssl_sock.hSecure socket
 string.hPJLIB String Operations
 timer.hTimer Heap
 types.hDeclaration of basic types and utility
 unicode.hProvides Unicode conversion for Unicode OSes


PJLIB Open Source, high performance, small footprint, and very very portable framework
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Teluu Inc.