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file  audiodev.h
 Audio device API.
file  avi.h
 AVI file manipulation.
file  avi_stream.h
 AVI file player.
file  bidirectional.h
 Bidirectional media port.
file  circbuf.h
 Circular Buffer.
file  clock.h
 Media clock.
file  codec.h
 Codec framework.
file  conference.h
 Conference bridge.
file  config.h
 Contains some compile time constants.
file  config_auto.h
 PJMEDIA configuration as set by autoconf script.
file  converter.h
 Format conversion utilities.
file  delaybuf.h
 Delay Buffer.
file  doxygen.h
 Doxygen's mainpage.
file  echo.h
 Echo Cancellation API.
file  echo_port.h
 AEC (Accoustic Echo Cancellation) media port.
file  endpoint.h
 Media endpoint.
file  errno.h
 PJMEDIA specific error codes.
file  event.h
 Event framework.
file  format.h
 Media format.
file  frame.h
file  g711.h
 G711 Codec.
file  jbuf.h
 Adaptive jitter buffer implementation.
file  master_port.h
 Master port.
file  mem_port.h
 Memory based media playback/capture port.
file  null_port.h
 Null media port.
file  plc.h
 Packet Lost Concealment (PLC) API.
file  port.h
 Port interface declaration.
file  resample.h
 Sample rate converter.
file  rtcp.h
 RTCP implementation.
file  rtcp_fb.h
 RTCP Feedback implementation.
file  rtcp_xr.h
 RTCP XR implementation.
file  rtp.h
 RTP packet and RTP session declarations.
file  sdp.h
 SDP header file.
file  sdp_neg.h
 SDP negotiator header file.
file  session.h
 Media Session.
file  signatures.h
 Standard PJMEDIA object signatures.
file  silencedet.h
 Adaptive silence detector.
file  sound.h
 Legacy sound device API.
file  sound_port.h
 Media port connection abstraction to sound device.
file  splitcomb.h
 Media channel splitter/combiner port.
file  stereo.h
 Monochannel and multichannel converter.
file  stream.h
 Media Stream.
file  stream_common.h
 Stream common functions.
file  symbian_sound_aps.h
 Sound device wrapper using Audio Proxy Server on Symbian S60 3rd edition.
file  tonegen.h
 Tone (sine, MF, DTMF) generator media port.
file  transport.h
 Transport interface.
file  transport_adapter_sample.h
 Sample Media Transport Adapter.
file  transport_ice.h
 ICE capable media transport.
file  transport_loop.h
 Loopback transport.
file  transport_srtp.h
 Secure RTP (SRTP) transport.
file  transport_udp.h
 Stream transport with UDP.
file  types.h
 Basic PJMEDIA types.
file  vid_codec.h
 Video codec framework.
file  vid_codec_util.h
 Video codec utilities.
file  vid_conf.h
 Video conference bridge.
file  vid_stream.h
 Video Stream.
file  vid_tee.h
 Video tee (source duplicator).
file  videodev.h
 Video device API.
file  wav_playlist.h
 WAV file playlist.
file  wav_port.h
 WAV file player and writer.
file  wave.h
 WAVE file manipulation.
file  wsola.h
 Waveform Similarity Based Overlap-Add (WSOLA)


PJMEDIA small footprint Open Source media stack
Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Teluu Inc.