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pjsip-simple Directory Reference


file  evsub.h
 SIP Specific Event Notification Extension (RFC 3265)
file  evsub_msg.h
 SIP Event Notification Headers (RFC 3265)
file  iscomposing.h
 Support for Indication of Message Composition (RFC 3994)
file  mwi.h
 SIP Extension for MWI (RFC 3842)
file  pidf.h
 PIDF/Presence Information Data Format (RFC 3863)
file  presence.h
 SIP Extension for Presence (RFC 3856)
file  publish.h
 SIP Extension for Event State Publication (PUBLISH, RFC 3903)
file  rpid.h
 RPID: Rich Presence Extensions to the PIDF (RFC 4480)
file  xpidf.h
 XPIDF/Presence Information Data Format.


PJSIP Open Source, high performance, small footprint, and very very portable SIP stack
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