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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 account.hppPJSUA2 Account operations
 call.hppPJSUA2 Call manipulation
 config.hppPJSUA2 Base Agent Operation
 doxygen.hppPJSUA2 Doxygen documentation
 endpoint.hppPJSUA2 Base Agent Operation
 evsub.hSIP Specific Event Notification Extension (RFC 3265)
 evsub_msg.hSIP Event Notification Headers (RFC 3265)
 iscomposing.hSupport for Indication of Message Composition (RFC 3994)
 media.hppPJSUA2 media operations
 mwi.hSIP Extension for MWI (RFC 3842)
 persistent.hppPJSUA2 Persistent Services
 pidf.hPIDF/Presence Information Data Format (RFC 3863)
 pjsip_auth.hSIP Authorization Module
 pjsip_simple.hSIP SIMPLE Extension
 presence.hSIP Extension for Presence (RFC 3856)
 presence.hppPJSUA2 Presence Operations
 publish.hSIP Extension for Event State Publication (PUBLISH, RFC 3903)
 rpid.hRPID: Rich Presence Extensions to the PIDF (RFC 4480)
 sip_100rel.hPRACK (Reliability of Provisional Responses)
 sip_auth_aka.hSIP Digest AKA Authorization Module
 sip_auth_parser.hSIP Authorization Parser Module
 sip_autoconf.hDescribes operating system specifics (automatically detected by autoconf)
 sip_config.hCompile time configuration
 sip_dialog.hSIP Dialog abstraction
 sip_endpoint.hSIP Endpoint
 sip_errno.hPJSIP Specific Error Code
 sip_event.hSIP Event
 sip_inv.hINVITE sessions
 sip_module.hModule helpers
 sip_msg.hSIP Message Structure
 sip_multipart.hMultipart support
 sip_parser.hSIP Message Parser
 sip_private.hPrivate structures and functions for PJSIP Library
 sip_regc.hSIP Registration Client
 sip_replaces.hSIP Replaces support (RFC 3891 - SIP "Replaces" Header)
 sip_resolve.hThis module contains the mechanism to resolve server address as specified by RFC 3263 - Locating SIP Servers
 sip_tel_uri.hTel: URI
 sip_timer.hSIP Session Timers support (RFC 4028 - Session Timer in SIP)
 sip_transaction.hSIP Transaction
 sip_transport.hSIP Transport
 sip_transport_loop.hLoopback transport (for debugging)
 sip_transport_tcp.hSIP TCP Transport
 sip_transport_tls.hSIP TLS Transport
 sip_transport_udp.hSIP UDP Transport
 sip_types.hBasic PJSIP types
 sip_ua_layer.hSIP User Agent Layer Module
 sip_uri.hSIP URL Structures and Manipulations
 sip_xfer.hSIP Transfer (REFER, RFC 3515)
 types.hppPJSUA2 Base Types
 xpidf.hXPIDF/Presence Information Data Format


PJSIP Open Source, high performance, small footprint, and very very portable SIP stack
Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Teluu Inc.