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Core SIP Library

The core framework from which all other SIP components depends on. More...


 Base Types
 Basic PJSIP types and configurations.
 At the Very Core
 The very core of PJSIP.
 Messaging Elements
 Various SIP message elements such as methods, headers, URIs, etc.
 This is the transport framework.
 SIP Authorization module
 Client and server side authentication framework.

Detailed Description

The PJSIP Core library only provides transport framework, event dispatching/module framework, and SIP message representation and parsing. It doesn't do anything usefull in itself!

If application wants the stack to do anything usefull at all, it must registers Modules to the core library. Examples of modules are Transaction Layer and SIP User Agent Module.


PJSIP Open Source, high performance, small footprint, and very very portable SIP stack
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