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pj_cli_exec_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

int err_pos
pj_cli_cmd_id cmd_id
pj_status_t cmd_ret
unsigned hint_cnt
pj_cli_hint_info hint [PJ_CLI_MAX_HINTS]

Detailed Description

This structure contains extra information returned by pj_cli_sess_exec()/ pj_cli_sess_parse(). Upon return from the function, various other fields in this structure will be set by the function.

Field Documentation

◆ cmd_id

pj_cli_cmd_id pj_cli_exec_info::cmd_id

If a command matching the command in the cmdline was found, on return this will be set to the command id of the command, otherwise it will be set to PJ_CLI_INVALID_CMD_ID.

◆ cmd_ret

pj_status_t pj_cli_exec_info::cmd_ret

If a command was executed, on return this will be set to the return value of the command, otherwise it will contain PJ_SUCCESS.

◆ err_pos

int pj_cli_exec_info::err_pos

If command parsing failed, on return this will point to the location where the failure occurs, otherwise the value will be set to -1.

◆ hint

pj_cli_hint_info pj_cli_exec_info::hint[PJ_CLI_MAX_HINTS]

If pj_cli_sess_parse() fails because of a missing argument or ambigous command/argument, the function returned PJ_CLI_EMISSINGARG or PJ_CLI_EAMBIGUOUS error. This field will contain the hint information. This is useful to give helpful information to the end_user.

◆ hint_cnt

unsigned pj_cli_exec_info::hint_cnt

The number of hint elements

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