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Public Member Functions

 PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER (struct pj_cli_sess)

Data Fields

pj_str_t info
int log_level

Detailed Description

This structure describes common properties of a CLI session. A CLI session is the interaction of an end user to the CLI application via a specific renderer, where the renderer can be console, telnet, web, or a GUI app for mobile. A session is created by its renderer, and it's creation procedures vary among renderer (for example, a telnet session is created when the end user connects to the application, while a console session is always instantiated once the program is run).

Forward declaration for pj_cli_sess, which will be declared in cli_imp.h.

Member Function Documentation


pj_cli_sess::PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER ( struct pj_cli_sess  )

Linked list members

Field Documentation

◆ fe

pj_cli_front_end* pj_cli_sess::fe

Pointer to the front-end instance which created this session.

◆ info

pj_str_t pj_cli_sess::info

Text containing session info, which is filled by the renderer when the session is created.

◆ log_level

int pj_cli_sess::log_level

Log verbosity of this session.

◆ op

pj_cli_sess_op* pj_cli_sess::op

Session operations.

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