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Data Fields

Data Fields

pj_dns_hdr hdr

Detailed Description

This structure describes the parsed repersentation of the raw DNS packet. Note that all integral values in the parsed packet are represented in host byte order.

Field Documentation

pj_dns_parsed_rr* pj_dns_parsed_packet::ans

Array of DNS RR answer.

pj_dns_parsed_rr* pj_dns_parsed_packet::arr

Array of additional RR answer.

pj_dns_hdr pj_dns_parsed_packet::hdr

Pointer to DNS hdr, in host byte order

pj_dns_parsed_rr* pj_dns_parsed_packet::ns

Array of NS record in the answer.

pj_dns_parsed_query* pj_dns_parsed_packet::q

Array of DNS queries.

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