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pj_http_auth_cred Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_str_t scheme
pj_str_t realm
pj_str_t username
unsigned data_type
pj_str_t data

Detailed Description

Structure to save HTTP authentication credential.

Field Documentation

◆ data

pj_str_t pj_http_auth_cred::data

Specify authentication password. The encoding of the password depends on the value of data_type field above.

Default is empty.

◆ data_type

unsigned pj_http_auth_cred::data_type

The type of password in data field. Currently only 0 is supported, meaning the data contains plain-text password.

Default is 0.

◆ realm

pj_str_t pj_http_auth_cred::realm

Specify specific authentication realm to be responded. If this field is set, only 401/407 response with matching realm will be responded. If this field is not set, any realms will be responded.

Default is empty.

◆ scheme

pj_str_t pj_http_auth_cred::scheme

Specify specific authentication schemes to be responded. Valid values are "basic" and "digest". If this field is not set, any authentication schemes will be responded.

Default is empty.

◆ username

pj_str_t pj_http_auth_cred::username

Specify authentication username.

Default is empty.

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