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Public Member Functions

 PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER (pj_json_elem)

Data Fields

pj_str_t name
pj_json_val_type type
union {
   pj_bool_t   is_true
   float   num
   pj_str_t   str
   pj_json_list   children

Detailed Description

This represents JSON element. A JSON element is basically a name/value pair, where the name is a string and the value can be one of null, boolean (true and false constants), number, string, array (containing zero or more elements), or object. An object can be viewed as C struct, that is a compound element containing other elements, each having name/value pair.

Field Documentation

◆ children

pj_json_list pj_json_elem::children

Object and array children

◆ is_true

pj_bool_t pj_json_elem::is_true

Boolean value.

◆ name

pj_str_t pj_json_elem::name

ELement name.

◆ num

float pj_json_elem::num

Number value.

◆ str

pj_str_t pj_json_elem::str

String value.

◆ type

pj_json_val_type pj_json_elem::type

Element type.

◆ value

union { ... } pj_json_elem::value

Element value.

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