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Data Fields
pjmedia_codec_desc Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_codec_info info
pjmedia_codec_id id
pjmedia_codec_priority prio

Detailed Description

Codec manager maintains array of these structs for each supported codec.

Field Documentation

pjmedia_codec_info pjmedia_codec_desc::info

Codec info.

pjmedia_codec_id pjmedia_codec_desc::id

Fully qualified name

pjmedia_codec_priority pjmedia_codec_desc::prio


pjmedia_codec_factory* pjmedia_codec_desc::factory

The factory.

pjmedia_codec_default_param* pjmedia_codec_desc::param

Default codecs parameters.

Referenced by pjmedia_codec_modify(), and pjmedia_codec_open().

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