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Data Fields

pj_ice_sess_checklist_state state
unsigned count
pj_ice_sess_check checks [PJ_ICE_MAX_CHECKS]
pj_timer_entry timer

Detailed Description

This structure represents ICE check list, that is an ordered set of candidate pairs that an agent will use to generate checks.

Forward declaration for checklist.

Field Documentation

◆ checks

pj_ice_sess_check pj_ice_sess_checklist::checks[PJ_ICE_MAX_CHECKS]

Array of candidate pairs (checks).

◆ count

unsigned pj_ice_sess_checklist::count

Number of candidate pairs (checks).

◆ state

pj_ice_sess_checklist_state pj_ice_sess_checklist::state

The checklist state.

◆ timer

pj_timer_entry pj_ice_sess_checklist::timer

A timer used to perform periodic check for this checklist.

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