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pj_parsed_time Struct Reference
[Time Data Type and Manipulation.]

Data Fields

int wday
int day
int mon
int year
int sec
int min
int hour
int msec

Detailed Description

This structure represent the parsed representation of time. It is acquired by calling pj_time_decode().

Field Documentation

This represents day of month: 1-31

This represents the hour part, with the value is 0-23

This represents the minute part, with the value is: 0-59

This represents month, with the value is 0 - 11 (zero is January)

This represents the milisecond part, with the value is 0-999

This represents the second part, with the value is 0-59

This represents day of week where value zero means Sunday

This represent the actual year (unlike in ANSI libc where the value must be added by 1900).

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