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pj_pool_t Struct Reference
[Memory Pool Object]

Data Fields

struct pj_pool_tprev
struct pj_pool_tnext
char obj_name [PJ_MAX_OBJ_NAME]
void * factory_data
pj_size_t capacity
pj_size_t increment_size
pj_pool_block block_list
struct pj_pool_memfirst_mem
pj_size_t used_size

Detailed Description

This structure describes the memory pool. Only implementors of pool factory need to care about the contents of this structure.

Opaque data type for memory pool.

Field Documentation

List of memory blocks allcoated by the pool.

The callback to be called when the pool is unable to allocate memory.

Current capacity allocated by the pool.

Data put by factory

Size of memory block to be allocated when the pool runs out of memory

List next. Standard list elements.

Pool name

List prev.

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