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pj_ssl_sock_info Struct Reference
[Secure socket I/O]

Data Fields

pj_bool_t established
pj_ssl_sock_proto proto
pj_ssl_cipher cipher
pj_sockaddr local_addr
pj_sockaddr remote_addr
pj_uint32_t verify_status
unsigned long last_native_err

Detailed Description

Definition of secure socket info structure.

Field Documentation

Describes cipher suite being used, this will only be set when connection is established.

Describes whether secure socket connection is established, i.e: TLS/SSL handshaking has been done successfully.

Last native error returned by the backend.

Describes local address.

Describes active local certificate info.

Describes secure socket protocol being used.

Describes remote address.

Describes active remote certificate info.

Status of peer certificate verification.

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