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pj_ice_sess_check Struct Reference
[ICE Session]

Data Fields

pj_timestamp prio
pj_ice_sess_check_state state
pj_bool_t nominated
pj_status_t err_code

Detailed Description

This structure describes an ICE connectivity check. An ICE check contains a candidate pair, and will involve sending STUN Binding Request transaction for the purposes of verifying connectivity. A check is sent from the local candidate to the remote candidate of a candidate pair.

Forward declaration for pj_ice_sess_check

Field Documentation

When the check failed, this will contain the failure status of the STUN transaction.

Pointer to local candidate entry of this check.

Flag to indicate whether this check is nominated. A nominated check contains USE-CANDIDATE attribute in its STUN Binding request.

Pointer to remote candidate entry of this check.

STUN transmit data containing STUN Binding request that was sent as part of this check. The value will only be set when this check has a pending transaction, and is used to cancel the transaction when other check has succeeded.

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