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pj_turn_alloc_param Struct Reference
[TURN client session]

Data Fields

int bandwidth
int lifetime
int ka_interval

Detailed Description

Allocation parameter, which can be given when application calls pj_turn_session_alloc() to allocate relay address in the TURN server. Application should call pj_turn_alloc_param_default() to initialize this structure with the default values.

Field Documentation

The requested BANDWIDTH. Default is zero to not request any specific bandwidth. Note that this attribute has been deprecated after TURN-08 draft, hence application should only use this attribute when talking to TURN-07 or older version.

If set to non-zero, the TURN session will periodically send blank Send Indication every PJ_TURN_KEEP_ALIVE_SEC to refresh local NAT bindings. Default is zero.

The requested LIFETIME. Default is zero to not request any explicit allocation lifetime.

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