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pj_rbtree_node Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct pj_rbtree_nodeparent
struct pj_rbtree_nodeleft
struct pj_rbtree_noderight
const void * key
void * user_data
pj_rbcolor_t color

Detailed Description

The type of the node of the R/B Tree.

Field Documentation

pj_rbcolor_t pj_rbtree_node::color

The R/B Tree node color.

const void* pj_rbtree_node::key

Key associated with the node.

struct pj_rbtree_node* pj_rbtree_node::parent

Pointers to the node's parent, and left and right siblings.

void* pj_rbtree_node::user_data

User data associated with the node.

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