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pjmedia_ice_transport_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_bool_t active
pj_ice_strans_state sess_state
pj_ice_sess_role role
pj_str_t loc_ufrag
pj_str_t rem_ufrag
unsigned comp_cnt
struct {
   pj_ice_cand_type   lcand_type
   pj_sockaddr   lcand_addr
   pj_ice_cand_type   rcand_type
   pj_sockaddr   rcand_addr
comp [2]

Detailed Description

This structure specifies ICE transport specific info. This structure will be filled in media transport specific info.

Field Documentation

◆ active

pj_bool_t pjmedia_ice_transport_info::active

Specifies whether ICE is used, i.e. SDP offer and answer indicates that both parties support ICE and ICE should be used for the session.

◆ sess_state

pj_ice_strans_state pjmedia_ice_transport_info::sess_state

ICE sesion state.

◆ role

pj_ice_sess_role pjmedia_ice_transport_info::role

Session role.

◆ comp_cnt

unsigned pjmedia_ice_transport_info::comp_cnt

Number of components in the component array. Before ICE negotiation is complete, the number represents the number of components of the local agent. After ICE negotiation has been completed successfully, the number represents the number of common components between local and remote agents.

◆ lcand_type

pj_ice_cand_type pjmedia_ice_transport_info::lcand_type

Local candidate type.

◆ lcand_addr

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_ice_transport_info::lcand_addr

The local address.

◆ rcand_type

pj_ice_cand_type pjmedia_ice_transport_info::rcand_type

Remote candidate type.

◆ rcand_addr

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_ice_transport_info::rcand_addr

Remote address.

◆ comp

struct { ... } pjmedia_ice_transport_info::comp[2]

Array of ICE components. Typically the first element denotes RTP and second element denotes RTCP.

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