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pjmedia_rtcp_fb_cap Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_str_t codec_id
pjmedia_rtcp_fb_type type
pj_str_t type_name
pj_str_t param

Detailed Description

This structure declare RTCP Feedback capability.

Field Documentation

◆ codec_id

pj_str_t pjmedia_rtcp_fb_cap::codec_id

Specify the codecs to which the capability is applicable. Codec ID is using the same format as in pjmedia_codec_mgr_find_codecs_by_id() and pjmedia_vid_codec_mgr_find_codecs_by_id(), e.g: "L16/8000/1", "PCMU", "H264". This can also be an asterisk ("*") to represent all codecs.

◆ type

pjmedia_rtcp_fb_type pjmedia_rtcp_fb_cap::type

Specify the RTCP Feedback type.

◆ type_name

pj_str_t pjmedia_rtcp_fb_cap::type_name

Specify the type name if RTCP Feedback type is PJMEDIA_RTCP_FB_OTHER.

◆ param

pj_str_t pjmedia_rtcp_fb_cap::param

Specify the RTCP Feedback parameters. Feedback subtypes should be specified in this field, e.g:

  • 'pli' for Picture Loss Indication feedback,
  • 'sli' for Slice Loss Indication feedback,
  • 'rpsi' for Reference Picture Selection Indication feedback,
  • 'app' for specific/proprietary application layer feedback.

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