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pjmedia_rtcp_session Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * name
pjmedia_rtcp_sr_pkt rtcp_sr_pkt
pjmedia_rtcp_rr_pkt rtcp_rr_pkt
pjmedia_rtp_seq_session seq_ctrl
unsigned rtp_last_ts
unsigned clock_rate
unsigned pkt_size
pj_uint32_t received
pj_uint32_t exp_prior
pj_uint32_t rx_prior
pj_int32_t transit
pj_uint32_t jitter
pj_time_val tv_base
pj_timestamp ts_base
pj_timestamp ts_freq
pj_uint32_t rtp_ts_base
pj_uint32_t rx_lsr
pj_timestamp rx_lsr_time
pj_uint32_t peer_ssrc
pjmedia_rtcp_stat stat

Detailed Description

RTCP session is used to monitor the RTP session of one endpoint. There should only be one RTCP session for a bidirectional RTP streams.

Field Documentation

◆ name

char* pjmedia_rtcp_session::name

Name identification.

◆ rtcp_sr_pkt

pjmedia_rtcp_sr_pkt pjmedia_rtcp_session::rtcp_sr_pkt

Cached RTCP SR packet.

◆ rtcp_rr_pkt

pjmedia_rtcp_rr_pkt pjmedia_rtcp_session::rtcp_rr_pkt

Cached RTCP RR packet.

◆ seq_ctrl

pjmedia_rtp_seq_session pjmedia_rtcp_session::seq_ctrl

RTCP sequence number control.

◆ rtp_last_ts

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_session::rtp_last_ts

Last timestamp in RX RTP pkt.

◆ clock_rate

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_session::clock_rate

Clock rate of the stream

◆ pkt_size

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_session::pkt_size

Avg pkt size, in samples.

◆ received

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::received

pkt received

◆ exp_prior

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::exp_prior

pkt expected at last interval

◆ rx_prior

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::rx_prior

pkt received at last interval

◆ transit

pj_int32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::transit

Rel transit time for prev pkt

◆ jitter

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::jitter

Scaled jitter

◆ tv_base

pj_time_val pjmedia_rtcp_session::tv_base

Base time, in seconds.

◆ ts_base

pj_timestamp pjmedia_rtcp_session::ts_base

Base system timestamp.

◆ ts_freq

pj_timestamp pjmedia_rtcp_session::ts_freq

System timestamp frequency.

◆ rtp_ts_base

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::rtp_ts_base

Base RTP timestamp.

◆ rx_lsr

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::rx_lsr

NTP ts in last SR received

◆ rx_lsr_time

pj_timestamp pjmedia_rtcp_session::rx_lsr_time

Time when last SR is received

◆ peer_ssrc

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_session::peer_ssrc


◆ stat

pjmedia_rtcp_stat pjmedia_rtcp_session::stat

Bidirectional stream stat.

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