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pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_time_val update
unsigned update_cnt
pj_uint32_t pkt
pj_uint32_t bytes
unsigned discard
unsigned loss
unsigned reorder
unsigned dup
pj_math_stat loss_period
struct {
   unsigned   burst:1
   unsigned   random:1
pj_math_stat jitter

Detailed Description

Unidirectional RTP stream statistics.

Field Documentation

◆ update

pj_time_val pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::update

Time of last update.

◆ update_cnt

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::update_cnt

Number of updates (to calculate avg)

◆ pkt

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::pkt

Total number of packets

◆ bytes

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::bytes

Total number of payload/bytes

◆ discard

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::discard

Total number of discarded packets.

◆ loss

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::loss

Total number of packets lost

◆ reorder

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::reorder

Total number of out of order packets

◆ dup

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::dup

Total number of duplicates packets

◆ loss_period

pj_math_stat pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::loss_period

Loss period statistics (in usec)

◆ burst

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::burst

Burst/sequential packet lost detected

◆ random

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::random

Random packet lost detected.

◆ loss_type

struct { ... } pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::loss_type

Types of loss detected.

◆ jitter

pj_math_stat pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat::jitter

Jitter statistics (in usec)

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