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pjmedia_srtp_dtls_nego_param Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_str_t rem_fingerprint
pj_sockaddr rem_addr
pj_sockaddr rem_rtcp
pj_bool_t is_role_active

Detailed Description

This structure specifies DTLS-SRTP negotiation parameters.

Field Documentation

◆ rem_fingerprint

pj_str_t pjmedia_srtp_dtls_nego_param::rem_fingerprint

Fingerprint of remote certificate, should be formatted as "SHA-256/1 XX:XX:XX...". If this is not set, fingerprint verification will not be performed.

◆ rem_addr

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_srtp_dtls_nego_param::rem_addr

Remote address and port.

◆ rem_rtcp

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_srtp_dtls_nego_param::rem_rtcp

Remote RTCP address and port.

◆ is_role_active

pj_bool_t pjmedia_srtp_dtls_nego_param::is_role_active

Set to PJ_TRUE if our role is active. Active role will initiates the DTLS negotiation. Passive role will wait for incoming DTLS negotiation packet.

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