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pjmedia_tp_cb_param Struct Reference

Data Fields

void * user_data
void * pkt
pj_ssize_t size
pj_bool_t rem_switch

Detailed Description

This structure describes the data passed when calling #rtp_cb2().

Field Documentation

◆ user_data

void* pjmedia_tp_cb_param::user_data

User data.

◆ pkt

void* pjmedia_tp_cb_param::pkt

Packet buffer.

◆ size

pj_ssize_t pjmedia_tp_cb_param::size

Packet size.

◆ src_addr

pj_sockaddr* pjmedia_tp_cb_param::src_addr

Packet's source address.

◆ rem_switch

pj_bool_t pjmedia_tp_cb_param::rem_switch

Should media transport switch remote address to rtp_src_addr? Media transport should initialize it to PJ_FALSE, and application can change the value as necessary.

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