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pjmedia_transport_specific_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_transport_type type
int cbsize

Detailed Description

This structure describes storage buffer of transport specific info. The actual transport specific info contents will be defined by transport implementation. Note that some transport implementations do not need to provide specific info, since the general socket info is enough.

Field Documentation

◆ type

pjmedia_transport_type pjmedia_transport_specific_info::type

Specify media transport type.

Referenced by pjmedia_transport_info_get_spc_info().

◆ cbsize

int pjmedia_transport_specific_info::cbsize

Specify storage buffer size of transport specific info.

◆ buffer

char pjmedia_transport_specific_info::buffer[PJMEDIA_TRANSPORT_SPECIFIC_INFO_MAXSIZE]

Storage buffer of transport specific info.

Referenced by pjmedia_transport_info_get_spc_info().

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