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#include <sip_auth.h>

Public Member Functions

 PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER (struct pjsip_cached_auth)

Data Fields

pj_str_t realm
pj_bool_t is_proxy
pjsip_auth_qop_type qop_value
unsigned stale_cnt

Detailed Description

This structure describes authentication information for the specified realm. Each instance of this structure describes authentication "session" between this endpoint and remote server. This "session" information is usefull to keep information that persists for more than one challenge, such as nonce-count and cnonce value.

Other than that, this structure also keeps the last authorization headers that have been sent in the cache list.

Member Function Documentation


pjsip_cached_auth::PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER ( struct pjsip_cached_auth  )

Standard list member

Field Documentation

◆ pool

pj_pool_t* pjsip_cached_auth::pool

Pool for cached auth

◆ realm

pj_str_t pjsip_cached_auth::realm


◆ is_proxy

pj_bool_t pjsip_cached_auth::is_proxy

Server type (401/407)

◆ qop_value

pjsip_auth_qop_type pjsip_cached_auth::qop_value

qop required by server.

◆ stale_cnt

unsigned pjsip_cached_auth::stale_cnt

Number of stale retry.

◆ last_chal

pjsip_www_authenticate_hdr* pjsip_cached_auth::last_chal

Last challenge seen.

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