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#include <sip_auth.h>

Data Fields

pj_str_t realm
pj_str_t scheme
pj_str_t username
int data_type
pj_str_t data
union {
   struct {
      pj_str_t   k
      pj_str_t   op
      pj_str_t   amf
      pjsip_cred_cb   cb
   }   aka

Detailed Description

This structure describes credential information. A credential information is a static, persistent information that identifies username and password required to authorize to a specific realm.

Note that since PJSIP, it is possible to make a credential that is valid for any realms, by setting the realm to star/wildcard character, i.e. realm = pj_str("*");.

Forward declaration for credential.

Field Documentation

◆ realm

pj_str_t pjsip_cred_info::realm

Realm. Use "*" to make a credential that can be used to authenticate against any challenges.

◆ scheme

pj_str_t pjsip_cred_info::scheme

Scheme (e.g. "digest").

◆ username

pj_str_t pjsip_cred_info::username

User name.

◆ data_type

int pjsip_cred_info::data_type

Type of data (0 for plaintext passwd).

◆ data

pj_str_t pjsip_cred_info::data

The data, which can be a plaintext password or a hashed digest.

◆ k

pj_str_t pjsip_cred_info::k

Permanent subscriber key.

◆ op

pj_str_t pjsip_cred_info::op

Operator variant key.

◆ amf

pj_str_t pjsip_cred_info::amf

Authentication Management Field

◆ cb

pjsip_cred_cb pjsip_cred_info::cb

Callback to create AKA digest.

◆ aka

struct { ... } pjsip_cred_info::aka

Digest AKA credential information. Note that when AKA credential is being used, the data field of this pjsip_cred_info is not used, but it still must be initialized to an empty string. Please see Digest AKAv1 and AKAv2 Authentication API for more information.

◆ ext

union { ... } pjsip_cred_info::ext

Extended data

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