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#include <sip_resolve.h>

Data Fields

void(* resolve )(pjsip_resolver_t *resolver, pj_pool_t *pool, const pjsip_host_info *target, void *token, pjsip_resolver_callback *cb)

Detailed Description

This structure describes application callback to receive various event from the SIP resolver engine. Application can use this for its own resolver implementation.

Field Documentation

◆ resolve

void(* pjsip_ext_resolver::resolve) (pjsip_resolver_t *resolver, pj_pool_t *pool, const pjsip_host_info *target, void *token, pjsip_resolver_callback *cb)

Notify application when the resolution should begin.

resolverThe resolver engine.
poolThe pool to allocate resolver job.
targetThe target specification to be resolved.
tokenA user defined token to be passed back to callback function.
cbThe callback function.

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