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#include <sip_msg.h>

Data Fields

pjsip_msg_type_e type
union {
   struct pjsip_request_line   req
   struct pjsip_status_line   status
pjsip_hdr hdr

Detailed Description

This structure describes a SIP message.

Forward declaration for message (sip_msg.h).

Field Documentation

◆ type

pjsip_msg_type_e pjsip_msg::type

Message type (ie request or response).

◆ req

struct pjsip_request_line pjsip_msg::req

Request Line.

◆ status

struct pjsip_status_line pjsip_msg::status

Status Line.

◆ line

union { ... } pjsip_msg::line

The first line of the message can be either request line for request messages, or status line for response messages. It is represented here as a union.

◆ hdr

pjsip_hdr pjsip_msg::hdr

List of message headers.

Referenced by pjsip_msg_add_hdr(), and pjsip_msg_insert_first_hdr().

◆ body

pjsip_msg_body* pjsip_msg::body

Pointer to message body, or NULL if no message body is attached to this mesage.

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