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#include <pjsua.h>

Data Fields

pj_str_t codec_id
pj_uint8_t priority
pj_str_t desc
char buf_ [64]

Detailed Description

This structure describes codec information, which can be retrieved by calling pjsua_enum_codecs().

Field Documentation

◆ codec_id

pj_str_t pjsua_codec_info::codec_id

Codec unique identification.

◆ priority

pj_uint8_t pjsua_codec_info::priority

Codec priority (integer 0-255).

◆ desc

pj_str_t pjsua_codec_info::desc

Codec description.

◆ buf_

char pjsua_codec_info::buf_[64]

Internal buffer.

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following file:
  • pjsua-lib/pjsua.h


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