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pjsua_logging_config Struct Reference

#include <pjsua.h>

Data Fields

pj_bool_t msg_logging
unsigned level
unsigned console_level
unsigned decor
pj_str_t log_filename
unsigned log_file_flags
void(* cb )(int level, const char *data, int len)

Detailed Description

Logging configuration, which can be (optionally) specified when calling pjsua_init(). Application must call pjsua_logging_config_default() to initialize this structure with the default values.

Field Documentation

◆ msg_logging

pj_bool_t pjsua_logging_config::msg_logging

Log incoming and outgoing SIP message? Yes!

◆ level

unsigned pjsua_logging_config::level

Input verbosity level. Value 5 is reasonable.

◆ console_level

unsigned pjsua_logging_config::console_level

Verbosity level for console. Value 4 is reasonable.

◆ decor

unsigned pjsua_logging_config::decor

Log decoration.

◆ log_filename

pj_str_t pjsua_logging_config::log_filename

Optional log filename.

◆ log_file_flags

unsigned pjsua_logging_config::log_file_flags

Additional flags to be given to pj_file_open() when opening the log file. By default, the flag is PJ_O_WRONLY. Application may set PJ_O_APPEND here so that logs are appended to existing file instead of overwriting it.

Default is 0.

◆ cb

void(* pjsua_logging_config::cb) (int level, const char *data, int len)

Optional callback function to be called to write log to application specific device. This function will be called for log messages on input verbosity level.

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