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Data Fields

pj_str_t name
pj_str_t alias
unsigned addr_count
struct {
   int   af
   union {
      pj_in_addr   v4
      pj_in6_addr   v6
   }   ip
char buf_ [128]

Detailed Description

This structure represents DNS address record, i.e: DNS A and DNS AAAA records, as the result of parsing DNS response packet using pj_dns_parse_addr_response().

Field Documentation

◆ addr

struct { ... } pj_dns_addr_record::addr[PJ_DNS_MAX_IP_IN_A_REC]

IP addresses of the host found in the response

◆ addr_count

unsigned pj_dns_addr_record::addr_count

Number of IP addresses.

◆ af

int pj_dns_addr_record::af

IP address family

◆ alias

pj_str_t pj_dns_addr_record::alias

If target name corresponds to a CNAME entry, the alias contains the value of the CNAME entry, otherwise it will be empty.

◆ buf_

char pj_dns_addr_record::buf_[128]

Internal buffer for hostname and alias.

◆ ip

union { ... } pj_dns_addr_record::ip

IP address

◆ name

pj_str_t pj_dns_addr_record::name

The target name being queried.

◆ v4

pj_in_addr pj_dns_addr_record::v4

IPv4 address

◆ v6

pj_in6_addr pj_dns_addr_record::v6

IPv6 address

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