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Data Fields

pj_uint16_t id
pj_uint16_t flags
pj_uint16_t qdcount
pj_uint16_t anscount
pj_uint16_t nscount
pj_uint16_t arcount

Detailed Description

Standard DNS header, according to RFC 1035, which will be present in both DNS query and DNS response.

Note that all values seen by application would be in host by order. The library would convert them to network byte order as necessary.

Field Documentation

◆ anscount

pj_uint16_t pj_dns_hdr::anscount

Nb. of res records

◆ arcount

pj_uint16_t pj_dns_hdr::arcount

Nb. of additional records

◆ flags

pj_uint16_t pj_dns_hdr::flags


◆ id

pj_uint16_t pj_dns_hdr::id

Transaction ID.

◆ nscount

pj_uint16_t pj_dns_hdr::nscount

Nb. of NS records.

◆ qdcount

pj_uint16_t pj_dns_hdr::qdcount

Nb. of queries.

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